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            September, 2022

            Words Aloud Beyond 2023:
            A Word from Artistic Director Richard-Yves Sitoski

            In my last missive here, I mentioned how Words Aloud was at a crossroads. We have now entered that crossroads and have decided which way to turn. Planning for the 2023 festival is now in full swing, and we hope that after a hiatus that seemed interminable, some of the finest, most exciting nadian poetry will return to Grey-Bruce. COVID is still a potential spoiler, but barring a major resurgence of the virus, we feel confident that we will be able to proceed with an in-person festival.

            Our plan at present is to hold Words Aloud between the 20th and 22nd of October 2023. Venues for main events as well as satellite performances will be loted in Owen Sound, Meaford, and Durham. We will rry on the festival’s traditions that you have known and loved since 2004, and aim to start a few new ones.

            It is an honour and a pleasure for me to introduce to you Festival Co-ordinator Yvonne Pelletier, and members Kit Boulter, Leandra Ruttan and Terry Burns, as well as Jen Burak, who will help with lol events. As well as, Our Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library liaison is Tim Nicholls-Harrison. They bring with them the dynamism, wisdom, fresh ideas, experience, and a love of poetry necessary to make the festival a success. Finally, the qualifier “Interim” has dropped from my title.

            We are looking forward to hosting you in 2023 and offering you some poetry that will shake, rattle and roll you. Please check back here periodilly for updates and information as we move ahead and put together our roster for next year.

            All the best,
            Richard-Yves Sitoski


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            Words Aloud has filmed virtually all of its guest artists, resulting in a treasure trove of poetry in performance over almost two dedes. We invite you to browse this superb archive at our YouTube channel.